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Beautifully Crafted for You by Sephora Canada

Initially founded in France in the year 1970, Sephora Canada has made a name for itself. It is a fancy cosmetic company established by Dominique Moandonnaud but Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy acquired it in 1997. Having more than 800 high-end stores around the globe, Sephora in Canada carries itself in style and is the most widely appreciated brand in the world. The cosmetic products offered at Sephora ranges from hair products, body and bath luxurious items, healthy skin-care, make-up, perfumes, beautifying tools etc.

One Stop Wonder

The origin of the word Sephora comes from an extraordinary blend of Moses’ wife- Zipporah with the Greek term for defining “charming and beautiful,” sephos, hence the word Sephora. Having such an exotic name and vibrant owners, today Sephora Canada is one of the leading brands of cosmetics in the country and neighboring areas.  Most of the stores of Sephora Canada are inside the JC Penney Stores. Now you know where to get all your beauty requirements fulfilled. A one stops shop for all your cosmetics and luxurious needs. There are more than 300 shops alone in Canada. 

Reaching the masses

One of the plus points that attract millions of customers to Sephora Canada is its lifetime return policy and free sampling programme. It is a hit among teenagers and women of all ages. The online activities of Sephora are widely appreciated by the customers. From having an amazing Facebook page to its online shopping website called Sephora.com that launched in the year 1999. You can also access the website from your mobile phones and iPhones by downloading software like Opera Mini etc. To reach its customers on a day-to-day basis Sephora has introduced an online forum. Here people can come and discuss several issues related to beauty care and personal grooming- Beauty Talk.

Innovative branding

With more and more people going for luxury goods in the market, the business for Sephora has grown steadily over the past decade. Unmatchable quality, one-on-one customer service, new age products, unbiased expert opinions, world class shopping experience places Sephora at the top of the chain of quality brands. Sephora Canada has come up with a very unique technique of luring the customers to its brand by rewarding points to shoppers that can be redeemed through discounts, coupons and add on benefits etc. Shoppers who shop on a regular basis from Sephora really benefits from this scheme and enjoy their shopping experience through lucrative discounts on products. What is more is that you do not have to pay any extra amount for signing up to avail these discounts. Whenever you shop for one dollar, it will fetch you one point, on reaching hundred points they offer you a free deluxe product for sampling. Even members of Beauty Insider gets free sample size gifts on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries

Under their V.I.B (very important beauty insider membership) scheme, each member on spending more than 350 USD in a year gets special benefits with an upgrade. Since 2006, Sephora started selling their products in JC Penney stores that implements and sells product under the innovative umbrella of ‘a store within a store’ concept. Sephora believes in utilization of space to its maximum, with huge sales revenues that help in catering to classes and masses together.

Naturally Gorgeous

Sephora Canada offers a wide variety of products, from selling rare brands like Clarins, Dermadoctor, and Lancôme etc. to its own personalized products. You can visit their website to get a glimpse of all the available products that reaches to almost 13,000 products. Sephora believes in selling products that are natural and contain no chemicals. Their entire range of product emphasizes on making you look young and beautiful without the use of artificial chemicals. Feel like a Greek Goddess with a skin as smooth as milk and face as beautiful as of an angel. Sephora Canada promises to deliver their best to all its customers. Get in touch with the feminine side of your personality that is always craving for luxury and pampering. Sephora in Canada is like a Mecca of beauty for all the women in the country that take cares of their beauty needs.

Exquisitely yours

This consumer goods company selling beauty products has created a niche audience for itself. People who love fashion and want to look like a million bucks always trust Sephora in Canada. Sephora has reciprocated its love and devotion for its customers by providing friendly customer service, on time delivery, free shipping, free sampling and free returns etc. Creating a brand name is easy these days by publicity and branding techniques but winning customer’s trust and respect is everything for a global cosmetic company. 

Trust the best and forget the rest if you want to look alluring, dazzling and divine. Trust only Sephora.

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