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All-in-one Sephora in Canada beauty care

Sephora Canada is renowned all over owing to its impeccable products and flawless services.  Sephora established its first store in France in the year 1970. Initially known by the name of Shop 8, the owner changed its whole look in 1993 and revamped the name to Sephora that is a unique blend of two words, Zipporah and Sephos, hence the name Sephora came into existence.

One of the leading cosmetic brands in the world, Sephora has maintained it status of number one through impeccable customer service, delivery on time and a galore of products to choose. The range of products affiliated with Sephora Canada is huge in numbers almost 13,000 brands in total.

You can find Sephora stores all around the globe as exclusive chain of stores or as a part of JC Penney. There are over 300 stores in Canada and United States alone.  No other brand provides to such a big clientele. In the time span of less than fifteen years the company has made a name for itself that is hard to match up with by other rival companies.  You can get Sephora online via YouTube, iPads and iPhones that makes it reach every nook and corner of the world. 

Currently owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Sephora is one of the most popular beauty product firms to gain such great heights in such a short span of time.  Sephora offers products that are natural, chemical free and healthy for your skin. Creating a brand value is a difficult task but Sephora has come out with excellence in this daunting task by sheer determination and introducing innovative products range.

Visit the Sephora store near you to experience luxury and comfort of womanhood at its best. With more and more stores opening each day, Sephora Canada has installed a store locator on its website. You can simply log in to find out the store near you for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Show me the Money

Who does not like a big bank balance? Nevertheless, what about your beauty bank balance, confused? Do not be as with every purchase you make at Sephora Canada you get points rewarded to you. For each dollar one point you gets into your account, so the more you shop the more you save in your beauty bank.

Now after you have loads of points in your member’s account you can redeem them for gift packages and beauty products of your choice. For every 100 points, you can pick up any one sample out of three from the counter that comes under deluxe samples, like hope in a jar or an Ojon product. For every 500 points, you can pick up a personalized and limited edition product for yourself like a Korres Beauty Essentials Pack. Be ready to be surprised on your birthday, as Sephora Canada takes special initiative in making that day fabulous for you. Get a Philosophy gift hamper that contains body wash, shampoo and bubble bath products for that extra oomph in the lap of luxury. 

You can also check your reward points online by simply singing in to Sephora.com where in you will get a complete report on your points and redeem schemes.

Range of products

Sephora Canada endorses more than 60 products at their JC Penney stores across the country that includes Dior, Ojon, Clasisonic, Korres and Caudalie, Stila and Smash box, Nars, Aquolina, DKNY, and Peter Thomas Roth etc. With so many brands under one roof why you need to go to some other place. Visit JC Penney and shop until your heart is contented. Also, seek professional help from experts who specifically deals with various products.

Premium Gift Card

Are you in need of a gift idea? Many times we go mad thinking about what to gift people on their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers etc. isn’t it annoying? No matter how well thought the gift is, somebody somewhere will feel dissatisfied with it. Sephora Canada comes to you rescue by introducing Sephora Gift Cards that is the solution for all your gift giving tensions. You can buy a gift card for $ 25 to $ 250 that is redeemable in any store worldwide, even on the internet. The look of the gift card is simply classy with its black body that is smooth and glossy; it makes you feel like a royalty holding a personalized product in hand. You can even purchase as many gift cards you want from their website or give a buzz to their customer service. An added advantage of multiple cards order is that they already come activated from the company’s end. So now, you do not have to wait to the activation time to get over to use the gift card. However, if you want instant delivery of the gift card via UPS Priority Mail then you have to pay some extra bucks. 

One great feature of the gift card is that you can send gifts to your friends online via Facebook that can be redeemed in stores or online. Select from a wide range of products that suits your friend’s personality. If she is flirty and outgoing then gift her Tarina Tarantino Must Have Gift Set or Smash box Beauty in a Box: Photo Prep Kit. With Sephora Canada, you can never go wrong in the gifts department. Always gift that perfect thing on the perfect occasion to your loved ones without being hassled.

Interactional Events

A very innovative start from Sephora Canada is the regular interactional events with all the brands that they have in their stores. By participating in these events, the brands make their customer relationships and the customers learn about the hottest trends, latest fashion and healthy skin care regimes. It is a win-win situation for everybody. There are free consultation stalls wherein you can try out new range of products and get free beauty treatments for your hair and skin. Make sure you book a seat on prior appointment as walk-ins can be entertained on limited space basis.

You can check the list of events happening at Sephora Canada on their website. It gives timing, dates and the list of visiting brands to their stores.

Mission to train

A step towards educating the people who consult the customers, Sephora University aims at giving proper training and building human resource for the company. Customers and rival companies praise this well-developed initiative. None of your questions goes unanswered in Sephora Canada. They are always there to answer all your questions with zest and patience.

It is mandatory for all the employees to attend the four day orientation course called Science of Sephora that enlightens then on skin products, hair care, general beauty tips, make-up tricks etc. so that when you need help with your beauty regime their customer executives are ready to give their 100% in servicing you. This course is for everyone but if you are one of those ambitious ones, who wants to enhance their learning of the field can enroll into the Encore-advanced course. The Encore course certifies the employees as consultants in specific fields like hair color, skin pigmentation, or anti-tanning treatment etc. 

These consultants are of greatest help when you visit the store. All your beauty need requirements will be taken care of. Smoky eyes, pink lips, blush on the cheeks, concealer under your eyes, no matter what you want to have, their special team of consultants will be there to guide you with their information packed advises. You will never feel lost in a Sephora Canada store.  All you need to do is ask in their store and they will be on their toes to help you out select the best product for your skin type and the perfect hair color for your lovely long tresses. You can find these personnel wearing a unique kind of batches on their uniform that says Skin expert, color expert, fragrance expert etc. Find the right consultant for yourself and get started to shop.

Their motto is to reach the top and maintain the position forever. To achieve this target they work night and day to make sure their brand and products deliver the promised expectation of the customers. They are always coming out with new trends in fashion and make-up to keep them up to date with the ever-changing style statements on and off the ramp. Maintaining a style is easy but creating fashion every day is a herculean task that Sephora in Canada so well does.

Affiliation Treat

Earn huge revenues by affiliation with Sephora Canada. All you need to do is promote the company’s name on your website and with each reference you make from your website, you will earn your commission. Therefore, if your reference buys a product from Sephora you will get a 5% to 7% commission depending upon the sales. It is free of cost as in you do not have to invest anything and on top of that, the company itself will handle all the orders and shipments. You just role of an intermediary and earn your cash without putting in any efforts. All you need to do is register with them for the affiliation program; your commissions and growth get handled by LinkShare’s network. 

Quick Find

Once you login to their website all your queries will be solved in a jiffy. There are dummy questions that cover almost all your day-to-day problems. A section addresses some commonly asked questions. However, if you do not find yours on the list then you can call up their customer care service.

Sephora in Canada will go out of their way to make you feel at ease. You will never get a feeling of being unattended to.

Hiring Now

For those of you seeking for a job opportunity can apply directly to the company by posting their curriculum vitae for the desired post. The desired qualities for the job position is that you must be creative, confident, good interpersonal skills, ready to learn and unlearn, dedicated with good academic background. You can directly apply to the desired store where you want to work. Just drop in your CV in person and the company will get back to you. They are always looking for fresh and enthusiastic people to come and work for them. They have a no discrimination policy that means there are no biases regarding caste, creed or color. Everyone gets equal opportunities to get their fair chance at the job.

Return and Exchange

It will never happen but if you are not satisfied with Sephora Canada products then you can exchange and return them as per your wishes. You will get complete return under their return policy rules. Just remember to get a refund within sixty days of your purchase date then only you will get a full refund to your debit card/ credit card. If you want to return the product after 60 days but before 90 days then you will get online credit/points for that. However, if your purchase date exceeds 90 days’ time then it can’t be returned through mail. You have to visit the store in person for the return or exchange. Always keep your bills in tact in case you want an exchange, at the time of the return/ exchange you be asked to produce the bill to confirm your date of purchase. 

Insiders Hitch

Get you know all about what the editor digs for in their special section called Editor’s Obsession. Here you can find top brands, latest deals and hottest sellers according to the company that makes it easier for you to select products to get the oh-so-sexy look for all seasons. For would be brides the website devotes a completely new section that talks about bridal beauty and how to enhance the skin quality and get the glow on the big day. Many products will help you in enhancing your beauty and creating that perfect wedding look.

Sephora Canada is one of the widely known companies in the world. There is no doubt in it that it will always retain the number one position in the luxury brands list. Trust them to make you look hot and sexy every day.

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  1. I have been shopping with Sephora for a couple of years now and have always found the staff knowledgeable and helpful. My birthday is December 25th and thought that I had to get my Sephora birthday gift after that but I work retail so I have been very busy and could not get to a Sephora location until today, January 2nd. I was told that I could not receive my birthday gift as I would have had to get it in 2018 because the birthday gifts change every year and to try again in December. If I had of known that I could have gotten it before my birth date then I would have done so at the beginning of the month. As a good customer who shops there and sends many people your stores way I would appreciate if you could make an exception for me. I would be shopping at the Bayshore location in Nepean, Ontario.

    Thanks for your consideration….Cassandra Pratt

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